* (version 1.28)
	* Boulder::Store fixes from Aaron Wangberg
Mon Feb  4 17:52:03 EST 2002
	* (Version 1.27)
	* Batch entrez queries work again using semi-published, semi-private interface
	  The problem with the published interface is there's no way to pass a list of
	  Genbank ACCESSION numbers, just GI numbers.  So I have to use the XML demo.
	* Patches from Michael Peterson to fix BLAST parsing.
Thu Jan 24 14:21:02 EST 2002
	* (Version 1.26)
	* Partial fix for Entrez retrieval, but Entrez queries don't work :-(
2001-12-28  Lincoln Stein <lstein@cshl.org>
	* (version 1.25)
	* fixed GB_Stone bugs that prevented parsing of some of the feature fields
	* fixed Boulder/Genbank bugs that prevented parsing of some newer genbank
	entries that use the ORIGIN field.
	* fixed problems parsing genomic entries that contain gaps.
2001-06-14  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>
	* (version 1.24)
	* Fixed bugs introduced into 1.23 version when parsing
		Boulder::Genbank records from Entrez

2001-06-13  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>
	* (version 1.23)
	* Boulder::Genbank now correctly handles sequences that
	 	use whitespace to represent gaps

2001-06-11  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>
	* (version 1.22)
	* now reports BatchEntry errors to standard error
	* patch from Will Fitzhugh to correct problems with Yank accessor

2001-03-09 Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>
	* (version 1.21)
	* fixed loop termination problem in Boulder::Genbank
2000-07-13  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@formaggio.cshl.org>
	* (version 1.20)
	* Fixes to Boulder::Genbank provided by Lester Hui.
	  Now  handles repeated multivalued features better.

2000-06-08  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>

	* Fixed Boulder::Blast::NCBI parsing error that caused it to miss some HSPs
	* Fixed Boulder::Blast::{NCBI,WU} treatment of % identity -- had been returning
	  identity as a fraction of 1 rather than a percentage (as documented)

1999-12-02  Lincoln Stein  <lstein@cshl.org>

	* Fixed parameter bug in File accessor for Boulder::Genbank.
	* Documented  problems with flock() across NFS filesystems.
	* Boulder::Genbank no longer "eats" the list of accession numbers
	passed to it.