Changes for version 0.021003 - 2016-07-31

  • Cwd-in-@INC security improvements
    • Drop "." from @INC when running 'cobalt2' Ignore "." in @INC when Bot::Cobalt::Core::Loader->load is called
  • Removed deprecated Plugin::Extras::Money (broken for some time)
  • Randomize Plugin::Games::Roulette output
  • POD improvements


Bot::Cobalt IRC bot frontend
Export Bot::Cobalt::DB databases to YAML
Initialize a Bot::Cobalt instance
Install example plugin confs
Bot::Cobalt plugin authoring reference
Cobalt config file primer
Packaging Cobalt plugins
Let's write a simple plugin


IRC darkbot-alike plus plugin authoring sugar
Import commonly-used tools and constants
Bot::Cobalt configuration manager
Base class for Bot::Cobalt cfg files
Bot::Cobalt channels conf
Bot::Cobalt core config
Bot::Cobalt plugin configs
Bot::Cobalt plugins config
Bot::Cobalt core and event syndicator
Base class for context-related metadata
Object loader/unloader
Exported sugar for Bot::Cobalt plugins
Locking Berkeley DBs with serialization
Lightweight error objects
Read and write instance RC files
Helper utils for Bot::Cobalt frontends
Bot::Cobalt IRC bridge
Base class for IRC event information
IRC Event subclass for channel events
IRC Event subclass for kick events
IRC Event subclass for mode changes
IRC Event subclass for nick changes
IRC Event subclass for user quits
IRC Event subclass for topic changes
Flood check utils for Bot::Cobalt
An incoming IRC message
Public message subclass
IRC-specific admin commands
An IRC server context
Bot::Cobalt language set loader
Log handler for Bot::Cobalt
Log handler output manager
Bot::Cobalt::Logger file output
Bot::Cobalt::Logger console output
Timed IRC highlights
User management and auth plugin
Query MetaCPAN API from IRC
Issue DNS queries from IRC
Dump internal state information
Simple karma bot plugin
Multiplex IRC channels
Temperature conversion
Some silly IRC games
Ask the Magic 8-ball
Text-triggered responses for Bot::Cobalt
Basic bot master commands
IRC plugin manager
Bot::Cobalt "random" DB plugin
Asynchronous RDB deep search
Simple in-memory cache
Rehash config or langs on-the-fly
Bot::Cobalt 'seen' plugin
Retrieve bot version and info
Asynchronous HTTP requests from Cobalt plugins
Bot::Cobalt serialization wrapper
Cobalt timer objects
Utilities for Cobalt plugins


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in lib/Bot/Cobalt/IRC/Role/
in lib/Bot/Cobalt/Plugin/RDB/AsyncSearch/
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