Changes for version 0.142230 - 2014-08-11

  • Initial release.
  • OFun::CodeName service adds the ability to give terms fun and exciting code names.
  • OFun::Dice provides a DND style dice role tool, coin flipping, a utility to choose N items from a list of items, and shuffle command..
  • OFun::Hailo provides your bot with the ability to spew back inane chatter.
  • OFun::Insult allows you to insult people, places, and things (or praise them if you prefer).
  • OFun::Karma tracks up-votes and down-votes in the channel so you can see how hated your most-hated-RDBMS is and how loved the funny people in your chat are.
  • Oh, and there are no tests. I'm evil. I know.


A set of Bot::Backbone services optimized for fun
Assign code names to words and phrases for fun and profit
Tools for rolling dice, flipping coins, choosing, and shuffling
Talk to your bot and it talks back
Ask the bot to insult your friends, enemies, and applications
Keep track of your channel's favorite things