USAGE <infiles> --filter=<file> --taxdir=<dir>
        [optional arguments]



Path to input FASTA files [repeatable argument].


Path to an IDL file specifying the taxonomic filter to be applied.

In a tax_filter, wanted taxa are to be prefixed by a '+' symbol, whereas unwanted taxa are to be prefixed by a '-' symbol. Wanted and unwanted taxa are linked by logical ORs.

An example IDL file follows:


Path to local mirror of the NCBI Taxonomy database.



Regular expression for capturing org from seq id [default: none].

The argument value can be either a predefined regex or a custom regex given on the command line (do not forget to escape the special chars then). The following predefined regexes are available (assuming a leading '>'):

    - :UNI (UniProt OS= field)

Print the usual program information