Changes for version 0.03 - 2018-04-09

  • Turn on sign() response's "User Presence" byte to "1". Previously this was "0", meaning the user presence was not confirmed. But Yubico's libu2f-server lib requires that this is "1". In order to be compatible with libu2f-server we need to send the presence byte as 0x01. [github #2]


FIDO/U2F Authentication Test Client
Constants for Authen::U2F::Tester
Authen::U2F::Tester Error Response
Authen::U2F::Tester Keypair Object
Wrapped Keystore for Authen::U2F::Tester
U2F Tester Registration Response
U2F Tester Keystore Role.
U2F Successful Response Role
U2F Tester Sign Response