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phases — calculate date/time of solstices and equinoxes for a given year.


  solequ [options]



Prints a brief help message and exits.


Year, astronomical (zero-year allowed)


Time zone name, e.g.: EST, UTC, Europe/Berlin etc. or offset from Greenwich in format +HHMM / -HHMM, like +0300.

    --timezone=CET # Central European Time
    --timezone=EST # Eastern Standard Time
    --timezone=UTC # Universal Coordinated Time
    --timezone=GMT # Greenwich Mean Time, same as the UTC
    --timezone=+0300 # UTC + 3h (eastward from Greenwich)

By default, local timezone by default.

Please, note: Windows platform does not recognize some time zone names, MSK for instance. In such cases use offset from Greenwich format, as described above.

--theme: color theme
  • dark (default): for dark consoles

  • light: for light consoles

  • * colorless: without colors, for terminals that do not support ANSI color codes

--no-colors: do not use colors, same as --theme=colorless


solequ computes solstices and equinoxes for a given year.