Changes for version v0.005 - 2014-03-04

  • Functional constructors change their names: response => new_response
  • Explicitly require 5.10.1 - thanks to
  • Fix to example so it doesn't require Template::Plugin::YAML
  • Improved test coverage, minor bugfixes
  • Documentation fixes


A lightweight Perl CMS Framework
add bells and whistles to your response
determine if a user who they claim to be
do not use this in production
don't use this in production
always say yes to the owner
allow access to users in your config
store and retrieve content quickly
cache content in memory
create appropriate content item objects given location, meta, content.
Create an item based on its location
represent an authentication request/response
tidy up your content before it goes into the database
add a creation date to the meta
add a update date to the meta
represent an error or exception in processing a request
represent an error arising from an attempt to create content which already exists
represent an error arising from unacceptable input
represent an error arising from a forbidden action
represent an error arising due to a fault in the configuration of the server
represent an error indicating the requested content does not exist.
represent an error indicating the authorisation header field is missing.
represent a file
case switching for content_type
case switching for location
case switching on metadata
represent an item
represent an item's location
represent a specification
determine valid locations
represent a permission request/response
represent a request
represent a response
access the core app and other compnents
allow routes to be enabled
provides sortation methods derived from you cmp method
caching functions
transform a data structure into user-facing output.
return your asset as a file
send the right HTTP status response
put your response into a TT2 template
provide an API to all the core Articulate features.
provide login, logout
provide create, read, update, delete
Sort content items
delve into the metadata and sort it
sort strings using the spaceship operator
natural slug sorting
sort strings using perl cmp
store and retrieve your content
store your content in a simple database
store your content locally
Common functions and syntactic sugar for Articulate
ensure content is valid before accepting it.


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in lib/Articulate/Routes/
in lib/Articulate/Routes/
in lib/Articulate/Routes/
in lib/Articulate/Routes/
in lib/Articulate/Service/
in lib/Articulate/Service/
in lib/Articulate/Service/
in lib/Articulate/Storage/DBIC/Simple/Schema/Result/Articulate/
in lib/Articulate/Syntax/
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