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Changes for version 0.094

  • Change: 0e0fcd8ebfa69b3caa3a9ab544aad6a2ae683302 Author: Andreas Romeyke <> Date : 2022-05-12 12:50:29 +0000
    • removed unused module


The main module to handle bags.
deprecated, used for backwards compatibility
The MD5 algorithm plugin (default for v0.97)
The default SHA algorithms plugin (default for v1.0)
The role to load md5 plugin (default for v0.97)
The role to load the sha512 plugin (default for v1.0)
A role that defines the interface to a hashing algorithm
A role that handles all manifest files for a specific Algorithm
A role that handles plugin loading
handles asynchronous digest calculation using openssl
handles synchronous digest calculation using openssl
A role that handles plugin loading
A role that handles filepaths for improved portability