0.0946    2019-04-05 20:11:47Z
    - Added copyright holder/year meta to dist.ini. (GH#6) (Mohammad S Anwar)
    - Auto generate META.yml using the plugin [MetaYAML]. (GH#8) (Mohammad S

0.0945 2016-05-02 18:56:57 America/Toronto
    - Use 'base' rather than @ISA in Zip.pm

0.0944 2016-04-01 18:30:02 America/Toronto
    - Use warnings in more modules (Jenish G)

0.0943 2016-04-01 18:28:03 America/Toronto
    - Use 'base' rather than @ISA (@real-dam and Jenish G)

0.0942 2015-01-28 17:07:43 America/Toronto
    - Replaces contents of archives in test folder with random noise in order
      to avoid any licensing issues. (Philippe Bruhat (BooK))

0.0941 2013-11-06 21:38:55 America/Toronto
    - Fixes version number in lib/Archive/Any.pm
    - Previous release had broken permissions.

0.0940 2013-10-18 01:35:34 America/Toronto
    - Adds x-bzip2 as per PERLER's patch in RT#67738.
    - Converts dist to Dist::Zilla

0.931 2008-04-23
    - Resisted the urge to make large sweeping changes.  Fixed a problem with
      the tests and called it good.

0.93  2008-04-23
    - DESTROY ALL TABS! [schwern]
    - The example for Plugin->can_handle showed the wrong return value.

0.92  2006-08-26
    - Added pod tests and a README for kwalitee.  Not exactly a critical

0.91  2006-08-14
    - type() is there now.  I'm not in the business of breaking other
      people's scripts.
    - Fixed several issues with the pod.
    - type() is going AWAY AWAY AWAY - use mime_type instead.  It
      actually has useful information.
    - Added a test for the backwardsness.

0.09  2006-08-13
    - Complete rework of the module.
    - Supports simple plugins for adding support for archive formats.

0.06  2003-10-29
    - Updating to Archive::Zip 1.07 which fixes extractTree().
    * Forgot to include *.tar in the "what is a tarball" logic!
      [Thanks Kevin Pease]
    - Minor doc improvements.

0.05  2003-10-20
    * Archive::Any->new($file, $type) wasn't working (thanks to Simon Wistow
      for catching this).

0.04  2003-10-20
    * Removing unzip binary hack around Archive::Zip->extractMember bug.
    - Working around new extractTree() bug which can cause directories to
      be unzipped with permissions set to 0000.
    - Fixing is_impolite() and is_naughty() so they return true or false
      instead of the scalar result of a grep.
    - Failing gracefully should Archive::Tar/Zip->new() fail.
    * Fixing list_archive() and extract_archive() misuse so we work with
      modern Archive::Tar.
    - Class::Virtually::Abstract now has a version # on CPAN.
    * is_naughty() would screw up if the first file in the archive wasn't
      a lone directory

0.03  2001-09-03
    * It is now safe to chdir() after creating an Archive::Any object

0.01  2001-08-26
    * First working version
    * Archive::Zip is broken.  Using unzip binary to extract.