0.07    06 October 2011
        -- updated the build tools to stop failing on CPANPLUS

0.06    12 September 2011
        -- make sure we don't index Maker

0.05    09 September 2011
        -- switch to use Maker.pm for buildsystem.
        -- add a version of the code that provides relative targets for the
           location of the Perl binary and the local::lib targets.
        -- added docs for new feature and some other doc tweaks.
        -- took a bit more care to make sure more of my paths are relative
           and cross OS friendly.
0.04    30 December 2010
        -- Updated to my modern Makefile.PL layout
        -- More docs (thanks jgoulah for suggestions)
        -- reduce required Perl version to 5.8.5

0.03    22 September 2010
        -- Changes to the Makefile.PL for more automation and for clarity. This
           should not effect installation or usage, but should clarify things
           for authors.
        -- Fixed various typos in the pod documentation
0.02    23 August 2010
        -- Document and include the commandline helper script builder so that
           people who need to scrit custom deployments can do so.
        -- Create bash and c-shell source scripts for people that only have a
           single local-lib and want to make this easier
        -- various documentation improvements.

0.01    05 August 2010
        -- First Release