installdeps - A tiny script to install dependent modules


version v0.0.3


installdeps -h

installdeps [-n] [-i <command>] [-x <regex>] [-r] [-u] [-R] <files_or_dirs>...

  # show POD help
  installdeps -h

  # dry-run (only shows target modules)
  # multiple files can be specified
  installdeps -n *.pl

  # specify install command
  # defaults to cpanm
  # the command following module names is invoked like
  # cpanm -f Foo::Bar Zot Qux
  installdeps -i 'cpanm -f' *.pl

  # can specify directories
  # exclude optional modules (-r), include installed modules (-u),
  # recursive check (-R) and disable default exclusion filter (-X)
  # additionally, exclude Acme::*. NOTE that // is not necessary.
  installdeps -ruRX -x ^Acme:: lib t


This is a tiny script to install dependent modules. If you upload your scripts or modules to PAUSE, you can install dependent modules by cpanm/cpan/cpanp. However, it is almost impossible and meaningless to upload all your daily-use scripts.

This script scans sources to detect dependent modules and install them. Without options, modules not yet installed and no matter whether it is used in eval context or not are considered.



Shot this POD help


Dry run (Do not install modules actually).

-i <command>

Specify install command. Defaults to cpanm.

-x <regex>

Specify regex for exclusion. If module names match to this regex, they are excluded from install targets. Recursive check by -R is not done for excluded modules, either.


Exclude optional modules, which are used in eval context.


Include modules installed already.


Recursive dependency check for existing modules.


Disable default exclusion filter /\$/. To specify -x does NOT imply this option.


Yasutaka ATARASHI <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Yasutaka ATARASHI.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.