itan - Secure management of iTans for online banking


 itan [command] [options]



Imports a list of iTans into the database.

 itan import --file IMPORT_FILE [--deletefile] [--overwrite]
  • file

    Path to a file containing the iTans to be imported. The file must contain two columns (separated by any non numeric characters). The first column must be the index number. The second column must be the tan number. If your online banking appication does not use index numbers just set the first column to zero.

     10 434167
     11 937102
     0 320791
     0 823602
  • deletefile

    Option to delete the import file after a successful import

  • overwrite

    Index numbers must be unique. Default behaviour is to skip duplicate iTan indices. When this flag is enabled the duplicate iTans will be overwritten.


Fetches an iTan an mark it as used. If possible the iTan is also copied to the clipboard.

 itan get [--next] OR [--index INDEX [--lowerinactive]]  [--memo MEMO]

You will be prompted a password to decrypt the selected iTan.

  • next

    Fetches the next available iTan

  • index

    Fetches the iTan with the given index

  • lowerinvalid

    Marks all iTans lower than --index as invalid (Only in conjunction with --index).

  • memo

    Optional memo on iTan usage


Returns information on the given iTan.

 itan info --index INDEX

You will be promted a password to decrypt the selected iTan.

  • index

    Fetches the iTan with the given index


List of all either used or still available iTans

 itan list


Mark all unused iTans as invalid


Delete all invalid iTans


 itan help 
 itan help COMMAND

Display help text.


 itan commands 

Display a list of all available commands