* Add support for more Linux distributions:
  + centos (and other redhat derivatives)
  + gentoo (they have a nice init system)
* What about *BSDs and systems that don't use anything resembling SysV init?
* Don't hardcode the path to perl in the init scripts.  Use $Config{perlpath}.
* Optionally downgrade user to someone who isn't root.
* Add more documentation.

0.02 (2016-05-16)
- make pod tests optional

0.01 (?)
- App::VW             - a deployment system for Squatting+Continuity apps.
- provided bin/vw     - utility for installing vw-related scripts.
- provided bin/vw-bus - daemon that watches over continuity processes.
- added rudimentary logging to vw-bus (via Sys::Syslog).
- initial support for debian-derivatives with SysV init systems.