Changes for version 0.14 - 2019-06-28

  • Fix typo in --help output.
  • Use latest Telegram::Bot module to avoid deprecation warnings from Mojolicious.


TeleGramma main application


A modular Telegram Bot
A base class for bot actions
Base class for bot actions that listen
Base class for bot actions that listen to all messages, indiscriminately
TeleGramma and TeleGramma plugin configuration
Constants for TeleGramma
Base class for TeleGramma plugins
TeleGramma plugin to emit fortunes
TeleGramma plugin to log all text messages
TeleGramma plugin to give thants where necessary
TeleGramma plugin to set timers
TeleGramma plugin to tell you how the year is progressing
Plugin manager for the TeleGramma bot
Persistent datastore for TeleGramma and plugins