sqitch-rebase-usage - Sqitch rebase usage statement


  sqitch rebase [options] [revert-change options] [deploy-change options]] [<database>]


    -t --target <target>              database to which to connect
    -m --modified                     revert to before the earliest modified change
       --onto --onto-change <change>  revert to change
       --upto --upto-change <change>  deploy to change
       --mode <mode>                  deploy reversion mode (all, tag, change)
       --verify                       run verify scripts after each change
       --no-verify                    do not run verify scripts
    -s --set <key=value>              set a database client variable
    -r --set-revert <key=value>       set a database client revert variable
    -e --set-deploy <key=value>       set a database client deploy variable
       --log-only                     log changes without running them
    -y                                disable the prompt before reverting
       --registry   <registry>        registry schema or database
       --db-client  <path>            path to the engine command-line client
    -d --db-name    <name>            database name
    -u --db-user    <user>            database user name
    -h --db-host    <host>            database server host name
    -p --db-port    <port>            database server port number
    -f --plan-file  <file>            path to a deployment plan file