=head1 Name

sqitch-show - Show object information or script contents

=head1 Synopsis

  sqitch show [options] <type> <object>

=head1 Description

Shows information about Sqitch objects. The first argument must be the type of
object to show, and the second must be a key identifier for the object in the
plan. The second argument must be a a change name or tag as specified in
L<sqitchchanges>. The supported types include:


=item C<change>

A change object. Outputs the text used to generate the change SHA1 ID.

=item C<tag>

A tag. Outputs the text used to generate the tag SHA1 ID.

=item C<deploy>

A change deploy script.

=item C<revert>

A change revert script.

=item C<verify>

A change verify script.


=head1 Options


=item C<-t>

=item C<--target>

The target database, the plan for which should be read before deciding what
object to show. This option should be the name of a target in the

=item C<-e>

=item C<--exists>

Suppress all output; instead exit with zero status if C<< <object> >> exists
and is a valid object.

=item C<--plan-file>

=item C<-f>

Path to the deployment plan file. Overrides target, engine, and core
configuration values. Defaults to F<$top_dir/sqitch.plan>.


=head2 Examples


=item * Show information about a specific change:

  sqitch show change add_users_table

=item * Show information about a change by ID:

  sqitch show change be7cd00571d7151eacb0691e825dfc8980cc14ff

=item * Show the most recent change info:

  sqitch show change @HEAD

=item * Show information about a tag:

  sqitch show tag @beta1

=item * Show the contents of a deploy file:

  sqitch show deploy add_users_table@HEAD


=head1 Sqitch

Part of the L<sqitch> suite.