Changes for version 0.966

  • x App::Repository::mk_select_joined_sql(): enable param substitutions in dbexpr's x App::Repository::get_rows()/get_row(): use query caching if turned on for the table ({cache_name} => "name_of_shared_datastore") x App::Repository::create_temporary_object_set(): can create a temporary object set with data, not bound to the database x App::Repository::create_temporary_object_domain(): can create a temporary object domain with data, not bound to the database x App::Repository::evaluate_expression(): can now supply defaults for null columns x App::Repository::evaluate_expression(): added column defaults x App::Repository::evaluate_expression(): fixed to be more efficient and to handle defaults on columns which are expressions themselves x App::Repository::evaluate_expression(): fixed a bug when evaluating expressions of columns that end in digits x App::Repository::evaluate_expression(): fixed a bug where using a hashref instead of arrayref x App::Repository::evaluate_constant_expression(): can also do simple functions (abs(x), min(x,y), max(x,y), if(x,y,z), ifnull(x,y), case(x,y,a,z,b,c)) x App::Repository::evaluate_constant_expression(): can also do boolean operators (=, !=, <, <=, >, >=) x App::Repository::evaluate_constant_expression(): fix for div 0 and sci notation x App::Repository::summarize_rows(): can now summarize columns which have alternate aggregate levels x App::Repository::summarize_rows(): produce an undef if all values that are summed are undef x App::Repository::last_inserted_id($table): new method (without underscore) now takes $table param, works on redirects x App::Repository - changed begin_work(), commit(), rollback() to consult an {in_transaction} attribute This does something sensible if begin_work() is called within a transaction or a commit()/rollback() is outside a transaction x App::Repository - get_table_def(): enable the 'table_def' option in get_rows() to override or supplement table_def entries already in the config x App::Repository::* - change debug_sql and all other debug-style output to obey the debug_file option x App::Repository::DBI - get_phys_column_names(): new method x App::Repository::ValueDomain - use App::Repository::DBI::_do instead of DBI methods x App::Repository::_insert_row(): handle update on duplicate x App::Repository::* - improved logging of database errors when they occur (includes the SQL statement that failed)


Logical data access layer for the App::Context Framework, providing a uniform API to access data in databases, file systems, remote web sites, etc.
a repository which relies on a DBI interface to a relational database (no caching)
a repository which stores its data in flat files
a MySQL database, accessed through the Repository interface
Interface for data persistence
A domain of repository object sets bounded by a set of query parameters
A set of repository objects described by a set of query parameters
a set of values and their labels