Changes for version 0.30 - 2017-12-21

  • this will be the last beta release. The next release will be 1.00, will be stable, and will have proper documentation
  • the env_to_db() Event will now restart itself if it crashes
  • significant modifications to the API action_light() infrastructure... we use DateTime objects now, per stevieb9/scripts/perl/light_timer
  • code cleanup
  • fix void assignment of hash in API
  • DateTime objects are now properly set in the class scope for action_light()
  • updated t/50 with newer tests; we now perform tests to ensure that if the on/off cycle completes within the same 24 hour period, the next "on" time will be pushed to the following day
  • updated the timezone in the src config file and db to America/Vancouver
  • fix issue where in test mode, Events aren't created and stored into the API object, therefore calls to Event->status() would fail when calling the API->env() method in testing (fixes #48)
  • fixed issue where override was not operating correctly. Fixed Perl and JS code (fixes #49)
  • code/test tidying, and all tests now pass ;)
  • fix issue in Auth, where we were calling API::user() by class, not by object, broke during recent update to API code. (fixes #50)
  • add API::env_light_aux() and DB::db() to POD
  • added new sig handler for warn with env var SUPPRESS_WARN=1 to quiet warnings. Recommended only while testing
  • fix issue where the month in the UI date was off-by-one (fixes #46)
  • renamed "log_level" config file variable to "debug_level"
  • removed config/ from the distribution, and consolidated the testing() and _ui_testing() configuration to use the config file in t/ instead
  • added new config directive, "devel", if set to 1, we'll turn the background of the time display in the UI red to signify this isn't a production system (closes #47)
  • fix logic bugs and other JS weirdness in core.js that was completely breaking the UI's interpretation of aux override (fixes #53)
  • rewrite logic in core.js so that if override is disabled, setting aux state doesn't happen (fixes #54)
  • disabled "toggle" in the base config file for the light aux (updated tests)
  • updated API::_bool() to allow the $bool param to be both true/false and 1/0, as we do call it in both of those contexts, so we don't have to translate the param in code before sending it in
  • added new t/226 test for fully testing the set_aux_override route
  • fix issue where when API::switch() was called, we were setting the physical pin state even when the state hadn't changed (fixes #52)
  • fix issue where the log_file directive in the config had no effect, rendering an empty log file (fixes #56)


Configuration options for App::RPi::EnvUI


One-page asynchronous grow room environment control web application
Core API abstraction class for the App::RPi::EnvUI web app
Database manager for App::RPi::EnvUI environment control sysytem
Asynchronous events for the Perl portion of App::RPi::EnvUI


in lib/App/RPi/EnvUI/