=head1 NAME

App::Pods2Site::_Args - hidden flags

Commandline options and arguments understood for TestOnTap processing

=head1 VERSION

Version 1.003


    [ --_help ]
    [ --_pp ]


All options can be abbreviated, as long as they are unambiguous. Option matching is case
sensitive. Forcibly end option parsing using '--'.


This documents some 'hidden' flags, generally because they're somewhat particular and/or
not ready for prime time...


=item B<--_help>

Displays usage and help with options/arguments. If given, nothing else will be done.

=item B<--_pp>

Signals that it should print out a basic commandline to generate a binary using the 'pp' command from
PAR::Packer (must be installed first). If given, this option causes all other options to be ignored.

Print to a batch file/shellscript or similar, and run it separately, editing any flags as needed.  

Note that this can not be used when you already run a binary.


=head1 MORE HELP

For full information on Pods2Site, see the L<manual|App::Pods2Site>, or use I<--manual>
or run I<perldoc App::Pods2Site> to see the manual page.