netdisco-db-deploy - Database deployment for Netdisco


This script upgrades or initialises a Netdisco database schema.

 ~/bin/netdisco-db-deploy [--redeploy-all]

This script connects to the database and runs without user interaction. If there's no Nedisco schema, it is deployed. If there's an unversioned schema then versioning is added, and updates applied. Otherwise only necessary updates are applied to an already versioned schema.

Pre-existing requirements are that there's a working database connection and a user with rights to create tables in that database. These settings are defined in your environment YAML file (default ~/environments/deployment.yml).

If you wish to force the redeployment of all database configuration, pass the --redeploy-all argument on the command line. This will reset your database version so the database scripts will run again, but no data will be deleted other than what's done via the upgrade scripts.

For more database info see the netdisco wiki.


  • Version 1 is a completely empty database schema with no tables

  • Version 2 is the "classic" Netdisco database schema as of Netdisco 1.1

  • Versions 5 to 16 add patches for Netdisco 1.2

  • Version 17 onwards deploys schema upgrades for Netdisco 2