Revision history for App-MHFS, note the of the repository is much more comprehensive
v0.5.0  2022-11-14
        use compile time eval for proper `use` error handling in Makefile.PL. Move MHFS::EventLoop::Poll::Linux
        archname requirement to MHFS::EventLoop::Poll::Linux::Timer. Reduce redundancy of turning on
        nonblocking socket operation. Change settings loading to support Windows environments
        (no Windows support yet)

v0.4.1  2022-07-15
        Attempt to fix cpantesters issues, require perl 5.14.0 or greater, test Time::HiRes::clock_gettime in
        Makefile.PL for OS check, make integer size, a MHFS::Plugin::GetVideo plugin loading error instead of a
        compile time error for MHFS.

v0.4.0  2022-07-11
        Bump version for MHFS release.

v0.3.0  2022-06-30
        First packaged version, released on an unsuspecting world.