mbutiny - easily interact with App::MBUtiny from the command line


    mbutiny [options] [commands [args]] 

    mbutiny [-dlv]

    mbutiny [--debug] [--log] [--config=CONFIG_FILE] [--datadir=DATADIR]
            [ configure | test [HOSTs] | backup [HOSTs] | 
            restore [HOSTs] [YYYY.MM.DD] | report ]

    mbutiny configure

    mbutiny test

    mbutiny backup

    mbutiny restore

    mbutiny report



Full path of the configuration file. The configuration file allows determine the basic default settings, which will use the system if it fails to specify additional configuration files in $CONFDIR directory. The default system path /etc/mbutiny/mbutiny.conf

-D DATADIR, --datadir=DATADIR, --dir=DATADIR

The directory of temporary files.

Default: system temp directory

-d, --debug

Enable debug mode. In this mode, debug messages are displayed on the screen

-h, --help

Show short help information and quit

-H, --longhelp

Show long help information and quit

-l, --log

Enabling write debug information to syslog or user log file.

Do not confuse the debug logging from regular logging to a file mbutiny.log. Regular logging allows you to store information in mbutiny.log on the progress of the processes module (test, backup, restore), whereas debug logging for debugging of the internal components of the module.

To control the level of debugging mbutiny.log see parameter LogEnable and LogLevel.

-v, --verbose

Enabling at which displays information about the progress on the screen

-V, --version

Print the version number of the program and quit



Configure (initializing) the MBUtiny

test [HOSTs]

Testing of HOSTs after configuration and before backup performing.

By default will used all enabled in configuration HOSTs.

backup [HOSTs]

Compressing all the objects for the specified HOSTs and then send the resulting archive to the storage.

By default will used all enabled in configuration HOSTs.

restore [HOSTs] [DATE]

Downloading the file from the storages previously created backup by name. And then, each downloaded file is unpacked to the restore directory

By default will used all enabled in configuration HOSTs.

DATE - is date of backup in format: DD.MM.YYYY or YYYY.MM.DD

report [HOSTs]

Checking the last backup-file on each available collector for all defined backup names

By default will used all enabled in configuration HOSTs.


Websites and any file system elements backup tool

See WWW::MLite for details


Serz Minus (Sergey Lepenkov) <>


Copyright (C) 1998-2019 D&D Corporation. All Rights Reserved


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.