Revision history for App-Kit

0.63  2020-10-23 11:03:54
    - adjust warning test regex to match better (e.g. d5b5d78a-6752-11e3-ace4-6da5dfbfc7aa)
    - change arbitrary module name in test to avoid "CGI will be removed from the Perl core distribution in the next major release. Please install it from CPAN." breaking TAP (d7e824b8-6752-11e3-ace4-6da5dfbfc7aa)
    - attempt more universal failure in test (e.g. 75564f20-675a-11e3-bd14-e3bee4621ba3)
    - make fs->bindir() work w/ PSGI/Plack $0
    - add str->rand
    - add fs->appdir
    - add JSON and YAML methods to str()
    - add fs->is_safe_part and fs->is_safe_path
    - add str->trim
    - add str->sha512
    - add str->epoch, str->attrs, str->escape_html
    - fix tets for prl 5.32

0.62  2013-12-17 05:15:32
    - rt 91462: remove dep that caused circular dep
    - add _force_new option to db->dbh

0.61  2013-12-15 10 11:38:09
    - minimum version of YAML::Syck for consistent non-escaping of utf8
        - remove current escaped utf8 handling since its built into YAML::Syck now
    - add YAML and JSON tests for handling of unicode strings
    - correct NS in NAME section of A::K::O::DB
    - update required ver of String::UnicodeUTF8 to latest Unicode zero padding \x{} version
    - update required version of Devel::Kit to latest (so that other reqs match)

0.6  2013-11-10 10 18:53:06
    - Add ex() role
    - Move RW and RunCom to Util/

0.5  2013-11-09 12:18:17
    - read/write JSON and YAML
        - finish db conf file support
        - config file POD
    - support custom dbh check to use instead of ping

0.4  2013-11-08 12:23:18
    - skip tests for non-existant dist on servers where it actually exists
        - e.g.
    - made 'warnings enabled' tests work on perl 5.19
        - e.g.
    - Add Devel::Kit to deps so its available to us when we're developing
    - use base64 data in base64 decode test failure for systems that care
        - avoids needless warning: Premature end of base64 data at t/04.ns.t line 46.
    - set File::Temp, File::Slurp, and Class::Unload dep version to latest to try to address unreproducible test failures

0.3  2013-11-05 22:13:31
    - add DBD::SQLite to deps (including Perl::DependList comment notation for it to be found)
    - other dep fixups in prep for Perl-DependList based release testing support

0.2  2013-10-31 08:42:21
    - add Role::Multiton to deps
    - fix POD/deps that was autogen'd to refer to external modules

0.1  2013-05-22 21:12:21
       Initial release.