Changes for version 7.01 - 2022-01-19

  • Correctly handle Unicode output from commands run by pointers and from POD processing by Pod::Thread. Previous versions since 6.01 were double-encoding. Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the report.
  • Follow symlinks to ordinary files in docknot spin, just not directories. The Path::Iterator::Rule conversion in 6.01 broke copying of files referenced by symlink.
  • The \size spin always used 1024-based units. It now correctly uses the KiB, MiB, etc. abbreviations to match.


Static web site and documentation generator


Documentation and software release management
Run DocKnot commands
Read and return DocKnot package configuration
Prepare a distribution tarball
Generate documentation from package metadata
Release a distribution tarball
Static site builder supporting thread macro language
Generate HTML from a pointer to an external file
Generate RSS and thread from a feed description file
Generate page navigation links for spin
Generate HTML from the macro language thread
Parse package release information for spin
Update DocKnot input or package configuration
Shared utility functions for other DocKnot modules