Revision history for Perl extension App::Critique

0.05 07-07-2017
    - the output has changed and so has the workflow
      too much to explain here, but trust me, it is 

    - added the `--n` arg to the `collect` command
      which will fork $n processes to collect the 
      set of files with violations
        - added interactive "pause" feature for 
          when you are *NOT* running under `--n`
    - added `--blame` flag to the `process` command
      to display the git blame stats around the 
      violation line
    - adding a `clean` command to check to see if 
      any files, which are slated to be fixed, 
      have been deleted or not. 
    - track the git SHA of HEAD when critique is 
      first started
    - added new configuration variables
        - DATA_DIR 
            - to specify the name of the directory
              to store the session data in (defaults 
              to ".critique")
        - DATA_FILE
            - to specify the name of the file used 
              to store the session data in (default
              to "session.json")

    - added a Rewriter feature which will attempt to
      re-write a violation if possible 
        - this is currently not well documented, but
          should improve in the next few releases

    - make path display more consistent by always 
      showing it from the root of the git checkout
      even if our working directory is below it
    - the `process` command will die unless you have 
      an editor set up yet.

0.04 13/8/2016
    - fixed issue with warnings from Term::ReadKey
        - should also fix the CPANTS errors for
          Win32, where the warning became a
          fatal error
    - tests will now check for a usable git binary
      in the path otherwise BAIL_OUT, which should
      fix the other CPANTS errors

0.03 12/8/2016
    - some issues with the dependency list, I was
      missing some, and the version for one had to
      be specified, should fix the CPANTS errors
        - I hope

0.02 11/8/2016

    - The tests were using `perl` instead of $^X
      and this caused CPANTS failures

    - Some wording fixes from Philippe (BooK) Bruhat

0.01 8/8/2016
    - First release to an unsuspecting world