0.19     2019-06-10

- Added 5.30 to our list of Perl versions.

0.18     2019-01-24

- Make fewer assumptions about the existing config when updating, notably the
  matrix.allow_failures section. Fixed by Olaf Alders. GH #8.

0.17     2019-01-10

- Both tools could incorrectly report that they updated the .travis.yml when
  in fact they errored out trying to parse the YAML file. Fixed by Olaf
  Alders. GH #7.

0.16     2018-12-21

- Remove the "sudo" key from any Travis configs. Travis moving all builds to a
  VM-based system where you always have access to "sudo". See
  https://blog.travis-ci.com/2018-10-04-combining-linux-infrastructures for

0.15     2018-11-03

- The matrix.fast_finish key is now set to true for all Travis configs. See
  https://blog.travis-ci.com/2013-11-27-fast-finishing-builds/ for an
  explanation of what this does.

0.14     2018-08-25

- Added 5.28 to our list of Perl versions.

0.13     2017-12-23

- Simplify Perl version config to always use X.YY form in Travis config
  files. Appending the patchlevel isn't necessary and makes for a lot of churn
  in the config as new releases are made.

0.12     2017-12-23

- The default under AppVeyor is now to run prove with the -m flag. This makes
  it much easier to diagnose test failures.

0.11     2017-12-10

- Add support for the branches block in Travis config.

0.10     2017-10-03

- Updated our list of Perl versions to include 5.26.1, 5.24.2, and 5.22.4.

- The save value of force-threaded-perls and perl-caching flags in the
  .travis.yml was being ignored, and a default (false and true respectively)
  was always being applied when these flags weren't set on the command line.

0.09     2017-10-01

- Caching is now enabled for Travis Perl projects by default, taking advantage
  of the travis-perl helper's support for this. This can be disable passing
  the --no-perl-caching flag to the setup-travis-yml.pl script.

0.08     2017-09-30

- Running this on an existing .travis.yml would wipe out existing
  customizations to the matrix key.

0.07     2017-08-02

- The "--create" flag was completely broken. Reported by Mark Fowler. GH #5.

0.06     2017-07-10

- Fixed a bug in the update mode which would cause it to die.

- Added 5.26.0 to the list of Perl versions that the Travis code knows about.

0.05     2017-06-22

- Removed the use List::Gather. This seems to be the most likely culprit for
  some very odd test failures seen with threaded versions of Perl. See
  https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=121777 for details.

0.04     2017-06-16

- Make sure IPC::System::Simple is included in prereqs. Reported by Slaven
  Rezić. RT #122115.

0.03     2017-06-16

- Flags passed on the CLI are now stored in a comment rather than in a YAML
  key. Travis is fine with unknown keys but AppVeyor chokes on them.

- The stored flags are now actually used when running the script on the same
  file again. CLI flags win over stored params.

- The generated AppVeyor install steps could break if your repo name contained
  a dot (.).

0.02     2017-05-26

- Documentation fixes.

0.01     2017-05-26

- First public release.