Revision history for Perl extension AnyEvent::RabbitMQ

1.22  Fri 12 Jun 19:55:03 BST 2020
        - Minor correction to author tests.
        - Correct version constraint on

1.21_01  Wed 10 Jun 12:23:48 BST 2020
        - Validate peer when using TLS. (Scott O'Neil)
        - Add "nodelay" option to disable Nagle's algorithm.

          Also José Micó's e888205306fb49167c0dc9aa4e4dc940cc922d25.
        - Assign a version number to all modules in package.

1.21  Sat 30 May 23:40:54 BST 2020
        - No changes.

1.20_01  Sat 23 May 23:29:50 BST 2020
        - Add "no_ack" flag to "get" method. (Julio Polo)
        - Prevent channelMax from overflowing.
 (Carl Hörberg)
        - Merge in documentation patch from
 (Rod Taylor)

1.20  Sun 17 May 14:22:17 BST 2020
        - Downgrade error to a warning.

1.19_01  Sat 16 May 21:18:27 BST 2020
        - Allow AnyEvent::TLS options to be passed (Nicolas R).
        - Correct check when in confirm mode (Ruslan Zakirov).
        - Fix @INC breaking perls >= 5.26 (Nicolas R).
        - Minor test fixes

1.19  Sat Mar 21 16:49:24 GMT 2015
        - Add 'no_ack' as an optional argument to the ->consume method
          (Dave Mueller).
        - Fill in some missing documentation (Moritz Lenz).
1.18  Mon Sep 29 19:36:00 PDT 2014
        - Added the bind_exchange and unbind_exchange methods
          for exchange-exchange bindings.

1.17  Fri Jul 25 14:02:00 PDT 2014
        - Add support for chunking large bodies into multiple AMQP frames,
          allowing the sending of large messages.

1.16  Sat Apr 12 14:42:00 BST 2014
        - Doc fixes (Mark Ellis)
        - Fix leak when calling ->close + tests (Peter Haworth)

1.15  Mon Jul 1 12:35:00 BST 2013
        - Fix paper-bag bug in connection close - calling nonexistent method.

1.14  Fri Jun  7 08:54:00 BST 2013
        - Fix paper-bag bug in heartbeat - always lost heartbeat even on
          active connections
        - on channel close, automatically call on_return callbacks for any
          publishes that are waiting
        - maintain more state around opening and closing to avoid hang/race
          when server sends Close after client does (this is possible!)
        - cope with AMQP quirk that in confirm mode, returned messages are
	  *also* acked/nacked
        - document $channel->publish

1.13  Thu May  2 16:48:58 PDT 2013
        - Require Net::AMQP 0.06 to:
           + Get consume cancel notifications (e.g. queue deletion)
           + Properly encode user-provided header strings that look like numbers
        - Fix race between server-sent and client-sent cancellation.

        - Expect server to send heartbeats as promised.  If it doesn't, go President
            Madagasgar on its ass and SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING.

        - Rearrange many things and weaken many references to eliminate bad circular
            references.  Some circular refs are actually good, though; leave those.

        - Allow customized client_properties on connection.

        - Make test output clearer.

1.12  Thu Apr 11 20:45:00 2013
        - Allow AMQP client to adjust tuning, e.g. heartbeat
          (Chip Salzenberg)

        - Fix RT#84222, continue reading AMQP packets after a heartbeat.

        - Spontaneously emit hearts as per amqp 0.9.1 spec.

          The AMQP spec says, "The client should start sending heartbeats after
          receiving a Connection.Tune method, and start monitoring heartbeats after
          receiving Connection.Open."  There is no mention of merely responding to
          heartbeat packets emitted by the server. (Dave Lambley)

1.11  Tue Mar  5 22:22:00 2013
        - Fix on_success callback for the Channel->close method (davel).

1.10  Mon Feb 25 13:48:00 2013
        - Clarify relationship to Net::RabbitFoot. RT#71099

        - Add TLS connection support. RT#81729

1.09   Mon Feb 25 12:03:00 2013
        - Support AMQP heartbeat.

        - Support AMQP 0.9 standard. (Chip Salzenberg)

        - Stop defining a _return_cb value when not using the mandatory
          or immediate flags when publishing a message. This means that
          if you're not using these flags, but are using an infinite set
          of routing keys, then you won't leak infinite RAM.
          Currently if you do use these flags and infinitely variable
          routing keys, we still have a problem as we leak callbacks.

1.08    Mon Aug 27 08:43:00 2012
        - Improve Data::Dumper options for protocol dumps (Chip Salzenberg)
        - More thoroughly eliminate memory leaks on incoming messages
          (Chip Salzenberg)
        - Properly handle channel close: Ensure pending requests fail
          immediately (Chip Salzenberg)

1.07    Tue Aug 21 15:47:00 2012
        - Fix dist by putting missing version numbers back into
          all the modules.

1.06    Tue Aug 21 15:10:00 2012
        - Fix a race condition stopping connections from closing properly.
          If you ask to open a channel, and then immediately try to close
          the connection then the not yet open channel would never remove
          itself from the associated connection, resulting in the connection
          never being terminated (as there were still channels associated
          with it).

        - Stop leaking all RabbitMQ messages recieved back inside
          a closure.

        - Allow multiple clients to have independent connections
          to RabbitMQ, as long as they all use the same spec file.

1.05    Tue Jul 22 16:55:55 2011
        - Fixed a compiling error.

1.04    Tue Jul 19 17:04:24 2011
        - Bug fix for consuming large messages.

1.03    Thu Apr  7 02:55:12 2011
        - Separate AnyEvent::RabbitMQ from Net::RabbitFoot.
        - Avoid (additional) issues when in global destruction.
        - Do not set reply_to to an empty string in the header frame.
        - Implement basic.reject (requires RabbitMQ >= 2.0.0).
        - Store server properties in the object for easy server product
          and sever version access.
        - Shutdown the AnyEvent handle using push_shutdown.
        - Be more careful in DESTROY blocks.

1.02    Wed Jun 30 11:35:32 2010
        - Fix errors in global destruction due to destruction order being
        - Fix bug if you call ->close on a Net::RabbitFoot instance which
          is not already connected. Previously this would never return.

1.01    Sun Mar 18 07:21:58 2010
        - fix bugs.
        - support channel.flow.

1.00    Fri Mar  5 11:30:00 2010
        - fix module name.

0.01    Sun Dec  6 20:54:03 2009
        - original version