Revision history for AnyEvent-MySQL

1.2.1   2017.6.15
        fix document error.

1.2.0   2017.6.15
        function changed, bump version to 1.2
        fix document error.

1.1.8   2017.6.15
        allow readonly handles to SET NAMES (by clking@github)

1.1.7   2016.4.12
        Memorize the callback on AnyEvent::MySQL->new, and use it after
        each successful reconnect.

1.1.6   2015.9.25
        Add 'ReadOnly' option on DB handles by clking (clking@github)

1.1.5   2014.12.17
        Add 'ping' command. Fix a warning on command retry.
        Patched by Dmitriy Shamatrin (justnoxx@github)

1.1.4   2014.12.9
        Fix a bug (client default charset field) on handshake protocol.
        Thanks to nsnake@github for reporting.

1.1.3   2014.5.23
        Remove feature switch (given..when) to if..elsif..else

1.1.2   2014.5.21
        Add document for passing POD test

1.1.0   2014.5.20
        Fix dependency to Devel::StackTrace in Makefile.PL

1.0.1   2014.5.19
        Fix a word in document.

1.00    2014.5.19
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.