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package Analizo::Metric::NumberOfPublicMethods;
use strict;
use parent qw(Class::Accessor::Fast Analizo::ModuleMetric);

=head1 NAME

Analizo::Metric::NumerOfPublicMethods - Number of Public Methods (NPM) metric


The metric calculation is based on the following article and calculates the
number of public methods of a class.

Article: I<Monitoring of source code metrics in open source projects> by Paulo
Roberto Miranda Meirelles.

See the adaptation of the paragraph about Number of Public Methods in the

Represents the size of the "interface" of the class. Methods are directly
related to the operations provided in the respective class. High values for
this metric indicate that a class has many methods and probably many
responsibilities, which conflicts with good programming practices (Beck,


__PACKAGE__->mk_accessors(qw( model ));

sub new {
  my ($package, %args) = @_;
   my @instance_variables = (
    model => $args{model}
  return bless { @instance_variables }, $package;

sub description {
  return "Number of Public Methods";

sub calculate {
  my ($self, $module) = @_;

  my $count = 0;
  for my $function ($self->model->functions($module)) {
    $count += 1 if $self->_is_public($function);
  return $count;

sub _is_public {
  my ($self, $function) = @_;
  return $self->model->{protection}->{$function} && $self->model->{protection}->{$function} eq "public";