Changes for version 0.002 - 2018-01-05

  • Features
    • Add support for using `pdftotext_path`, `pkg_config_path` when `ALIEN_INSTALL_TYPE=system`. See <>.
  • Bug fixes
    • Patch Poppler v0.61 to use the full path for the pkg-config .pc files. See <>, <>.
  • Build changes
    • Switch build commands to CMake. This is needed since poppler-0.60.0 which removed the autotools build system.
      • See <>, <>.
    • Explicitly disable poppler-glib on macOS. This may be temporary until a fix for finding `-lintl` is found.
    • Enable Xpdf headers for CMake build so that they are available for other code that uses them.
      • See <>, <>.


Alien package for the Poppler PDF rendering library