Changes for version 0.016000 - 2022-05-08

  • HOLIDAY EDITION: Happy Mother's Day!
  • Upgrade To PCRE2 v10.34
  • Enable Minimum Version Checking Via Environmental Variable (thanks Zaki Mughal)
  • Require PCRE2 v10.34 Minimum Version, Due To Security Vulnerability (thanks Zaki Mughal)
  • Require Alien::Build v2.48, Provides Test::Alien::Diag etc.
  • Require Alien::MSYS v0.14
  • Require Alien::gmake v0.21
  • Require IO::Socket::SSL v2.074
  • Require Test2::Suite v0.000145
  • Use 'diag' Instead Of 'print {*STDERR}' (thanks Zaki Mughal)
  • Enable GitHub CI Testing & Fix Various Build Issues (thanks Zaki Mughal & Hakon Hagland)
  • Accept PCRE2 Release Candidates (thanks Petr Pisar)


Find or download/build/install libpcre2 in PCRE2, the new Perl Compatible Regular Expression engine