Revision history for Acme-LookOfDisapproval

0.007     2018-09-02 21:00:36Z
          - switch from JSON to JSON::PP
          - many fixes to build infrastructure to keep pace with changes to
            the tooling ecosystem

0.006     2013-11-29 18:22:26Z
          - Acme::ಠ_ಠ is back, with a lot of convoluted hoop-jumping to bypass
            various broken bits of the toolchain (see git commit for details)

0.005     2013-10-26 05:02:09Z
          - now packaging with Dist::Zilla 5.0
            - required removing Acme::ಠ_ಠ, pending resolution of issues in
              PPI, Module::Runtime and Params::Util
            - required removing minimum version and pod coverage tests, pending
              resolution of issues in Test::Pod::Coverage and PPI

0.004     2013-06-30
          - more metadata added, including git repository and bugtracker
          - compilation test fixed (see perl RT#118707)

0.003     2013-06-26
          - minimum perl version bumped to 5.16.0 (see

0.002     2013-06-22
          - add missing prereqs to metadata

0.001     2013-06-21
          - Initial release.