Revision history for API::GitForge

0.007     2022-01-02 15:59:09-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - README: include an entry for API::GitForge::Role::GitForge near the top,
      as that API is probably the one someone wants to look at first.

0.006     2021-02-09 15:10:36-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - API::GitForge::Role::GitForge::clean_fork(): fix checking the exit
      status of the push of the gitforge branch.

0.005     2020-05-24 08:04:55-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - API::GitForge::Role::GitForge::clean_repo(): don't continue if
      fail to push the gitforge branch.
    - API::GitForge::GitLab::_clean_config_repo(): use target project
      namespace rather than always using the user's namespace.

0.004     2020-03-13 17:28:05-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - API::GitForge::Role::GitForge::clean_repo(): reinstate
      workaround -- bypass Git::Wrapper when pushing the gitforge

0.003     2020-03-10 09:21:28-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - API::GitForge::GitLab::_ensure_repo(): avoid an unnecessary API
    - API::GitForge::Role::GitForge::clean_repo(): try to unprotect
      fork branches before deleting them, if GitForge API library
      supports doing this.
    - API::GitForge::Role::GitForge::clean_repo(): push the gitforge
      branch using Git::Wrapper again.
      During early testing, this seemed to hang after pushing to
      GitLab installations, but it seems to work well now.

0.002     2020-03-09 12:17:47-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - Implement API::GitForge::GitLab::_ensure_repo().
    - Add git repo metadata to dist.ini.
    - Don't disable merge requests in GitLab clean forks.
      Otherwise we can't submit merge requests upstream.
    - Code cleanup.

0.001     2020-02-16 16:20:35-07:00 America/Phoenix
    - First public release.