==== version history of Log::Report::Lexicon

Unless noted otherwise, these changes where initiated and applied by
Mark Overmeer.

	- with multiple domains extracted at once, remove references which
	  appear in one PO but the file moved to other domain, not scanned
	  in the same xgettext-perl run.
	- manual-page for xgettext-perl is missing
	- xgettext-perl does not yet support __*p* introduced by Log::Report
	  version 1.22.  It should probably accept variables as $msgctxt
	  argument, to make code maintainable.

	- let xgettext-perl produce mo files as well.

version 1.11: Thu Mar 22 23:32:11 CET 2018

	Release 1.10 seems to got lost on CPAN.  Upload a new one.

	- fix metadata [Mohammad S Anwar]
	- $fh->binmode not supported before 5.12 [cpantesters]

version 1.10: Tue Jan 23 23:03:57 CET 2018

	- typo, rt.cpan.org#123008 [Lukas Mai]
	- additional filename test in 30index.t
	- add debugging of fn0 to t/30index.t
	- convert to GIT
	- publish on GitHUB

version 1.09: Mon 28 Aug 10:37:30 CEST 2017

	- support PO-table charsets only available in the file's header
	  Reported by [Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ]

	- do not require Plural-Forms in the header when it is not used.
	- remove option Log::Report::Lexicon::MOTcompact::read(take_all)
	  Always take all, don't be smart (because it wasn't efficient at all)
	- support filename extension .gmo as alternative to .mo
	- ::Lexicon::POT::new(charset) from required to default 'UTF-8'

version 1.08: Thu 29 Jun 15:02:15 CEST 2017

	- textdomain() from package.

version 1.07: Tue 27 Jun 16:43:28 CEST 2017

	- interpolated context values require "_context." prefix

	- Accept END with blanks around it in piped syntax.

	- spell-fix rt.cpan.org#118560 [Gregor Herrmann, Debian]
	- receive lexicon specific code from Log::Report::Translator (part
	  of the Log::Report distribution)
	- warn when the msgid contains html-encoded characters, while
	  extracting msgids from HTML.

version 1.06: Wed 21 Sep 17:10:58 CEST 2016

	- extract __nx as well.

	- take domain from Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport as well [Andy Beverley]

version 1.05: Tue 12 Apr 15:09:32 CEST 2016

	- charset in MO files. [Paulo A Ferreira]

	- explain context settings for interpolation (new in Log::Report 1.10)
	- explain relation to gettext's pgettext() command.
	- added --no-cleanup to bin/xgettext-perl
	- some documentation for bin/xgettext-perl

version 1.04: Mon Jun 15 17:34:38 CEST 2015

	- spell-fix rt.cpan.org#96465 [Gregor Herrmann, Debian]
	- add Log::Report::Extract::addPot()

version 1.03: Wed Jun  4 17:22:19 CEST 2014

	- more than one po-file with contexts.
	  Reported by [Richard Still]

	- accept PO-files which have CRLF endings, while running on LF
	  platform (UNIX/Linux)

version 1.02: Mon Mar 10 16:08:59 CET 2014

	- ::PO::unused() -> ::PO::useless()

	- do not run t/12ctxt.t on openbsd: that platform does not support
	  LC_ALL [cpantesters]
	- ::POT::write(only_active) was not documented and only partially
	  implemented [Patrick Goldmann]
	- ::POT::write() did not check the number of plural forms.
	  [Patrick Goldmann]

	- changed documentation style
	- explain how to use templates in combination with translation

version 1.01: Mon Jan  6 22:42:22 CET 2014
	- t/12ctxt.t failed when 'en' locale was not installed.  Patched
	  by [Slaven Rezic]

version 1.00: Sun Jan  5 17:30:43 CET 2014
	Split-off from Log::Report

	- remove references to files which have disappeared from the set.

	- add ::Lexicon as main extry point
	- add ::Translator::Context and smart support for msgctxt
	- command-line parameter option in xgettext-perl
	- add msgctxt support to tables maintained in POT, POTcompact,
	  and MOcompact format.
	- more documentation