- oEdtk -

Release 1.5xxx

- Config.pm
Change the load lookup order for oedtk.ini file : looks prg directory, then in perl mod directory. 
No change in the config file identification

- DBAdmin.pm
Use logger to track warning if set in config file oedtk.in
Add insert_tData to insert tracking data from outside
If mysql_local_infile detected, csv_import will automaticaly use to insert csv file directly
Tracking table - Change : ed_singl_id 17=>25
Tracking table - Add    : ED_OBJ_TYP (V3), ED_PARENT_ID (V32), ED_CHILD_ID (V32), ED_CHILD_TYP (V3)
Lots table  - Change : ED_CPDEST (V8=>V10), ED_LOTNAME (V16=>V64)
Index Table - Change : ED_CPDEST (V8=>V10), ED_LOTNAME (V16=>V64), ED_REFIDDOC (V25), ED_IDLDOC (V25)
Index Table - add ED_IDJOB into primary key

- Tracking.pm
Change WARN and DIE behaviour if requested in oedtk.ini to report events into tracking database
Add track for entity account obj_typ child_typ child_id parent_id

- Logger.pm
Organise level as follow : 8 => '8-USER-', 7 => '7-DEBUG', 6 => '6-INFO-' , 5 => '5-PARSE' , 4 => '4-WARN-' , 3 => '3-ALERT' , 2 => '2-ALERT' , 1 => '1-ALERT' , 0 => '0-CRITC' , -1 => '-1 ERROR'

Release 0.612x
	contrôle d'exécution sur cgi
	dictionnaire iso des codes pays
	controle retour d'acquittement au façonnier pour vérification
	foliotage technique dans le lotissement 	

Release 0.6115
	SGBD connexion retry (3 times)
	correcting bug in FIFO configuration	

Release 0.6000
	ajout ed_host dans check ini
	ALTER table edtk_index modify ED_SEQLOT VARCHAR2(7); => modifier les seqlot pour rajouter l'année '391123' => '1391123'
	intégrer les contraintes de lotissement (ed_cpdest => ed_constraint (ex de val : "ED_CODRUPT = 'NOUVEL_ER'" ou "ED_CPDEST like '75%' and ED_CODRUPT = 'NOUVEL_ER'" ou "ED_HOST ='SRVPROD'" ))
	nettoyer Main.pm => oEUser.pm
	passer CodRupt sur 8 caractères 
	regrouper les .tar dans le même repertoire de mep
	reprise prévisu en fin de runEdtk.pl
	gestion des arrondis oEdtk::Main::oe_round		

Release 0.5000
	LaTeX integration
	Output management integration
	Electronic Documents Management and Sharing integration

Release 0.400
	File configuration for developpements
	Developpement application launcher
	Integration of DSC Compuset launcher
	Beta text user interface for developpements
	Records methods for production
	Excel file spliting
	tracking module

Release 0.30
	Optimized for production version.

Release 0.21
	Production test version.

Release 0.10
	Functionnal version.

Release 0.01
	Original beta version.

These modules are under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see COPYING file)
 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
You can use these modules as you want without any warranty.

You can contact us at edtk at free.fr 	
reference site is cpan.org

D Aunay, G Chaillou Domingo, M Henrion, G Ballin 2005-2013