Change log for Tie-LLHash:


1.004  2014-10-03  XAERXESS

 - added explicit SCALAR implementation, as perltie suggests

 - added warning about hash behavior in scalar context on Perls < 5.8.3

 - updated README

1.003_01  2014-09-30  XAERXESS

 - Grzegorz Ro┼╝niecki (XAERXESS) has taken over maintenance

 - updated revision history in Changes (as per CPAN::Changes::Spec)

 - cleaned up documentation

 - moved to lib/Tie/

 - tweaked Makefile.PL

 - migrated tests to Test::More

1.003  2004-03-13 16:53:28

 - delete($hash{$key}) now returns the associated value, previously it
   returned an internal data structure not meant for external use.

 - With normal perl hashes, the caller can call delete() in a loop
   that uses the hash's iterator, as long as the item being deleted is
   the most recent item returned by the iterator.  This wasn't working
   in Tie::LLHash, but now it's fixed.  [Spotted by Steve Tolkin]

 - Un-synchronized version numbers with CVS

1.002  2000-04-01 16:04:27

 - Added more documentation about the differences between this module and

 - Synchronized version numbers with CVS.

0.04  1999-12-01 22:51:01

 - Added 'lazy-mode', which allows you to append new entries to the end
   of the hash by assigning to the hash by doing $hash{key} = 'value';

0.03  1998-09-29 20:14:53

 - fixed a fatal bug in the current_value() method

 - insert(key,value) now equivalent to first(key,value),
   making it somewhat easier to insert values at the beginning
   of the hash.

 - wrote documentation for the non-TIEHASH methods

0.02  1998-05-20 19:21:52

 - forgot to include a README file in the original distribution, so I
   added one now

 - running all tests now won't give any warnings under -w flag

 - added tests 7-10

 - fixed some problems with the DELETE method - it went wrong when
   deleting the last element in a hash

 - insert() didn't work right when inserting after the last element

 - can give initialization hash for tie() constructor

0.01  1998-05-11 17:45:43

 - original version; created by h2xs 1.18

 - wrote tests 2-6

 - thanks to Byron Brummer who pointed out a pre-release bug in the EXISTS method