2.13 -

- Added textile command-line tool submitted by Amir Karger.

- Applied a patch submitted by Serap Kadam for issues with parsing
whitespace around '!' characters.

- Applied a patch submitted by Andy Yacomink for handling mixed-case
HTML entity names.

- Applied a patch submitted by Andy Yacomink for running some of
the inline modifier code as a separate method to allow for a
subclass to override/prevent them.

2.12 -

- Now hosted at github
-- Source: http://github.com/bradchoate/text-textile/tree/master
-- Bugs: http://github.com/bradchoate/text-textile/issues

2.10 -

- Now requires 5.6.1.

- Fixed an incorrectly defined lexical variable.

- Applied a patch submitted by Ryan McGuigan to prevent clobbering $_.

- Applied a patch from Johannes Plunien to add the 'disable_encode_entities'

- Should be taint-safe, as all tests run under -T.

2.03 - No changes. Just needed to bump version # for CPAN.

2.02 - Removed Encode package usage altogether until compatibility
issues can be ironed out. Modified newline translation to be more
cross-platform friendly.

2.01 - Patches to fix issues with older versions of Perl.

2.0 - Many, many fixes and improvements.

- Added 'dl' paragraph block which allows for definition lists.

- Improved support for embedded HTML.

- Better processing for multiple inline formatting options within the
same line and/or same section of text.

- Added 'bc.' marker for future 'blockcode' tag (emits a pre, code pair
for HTML, XHTML1 output).

- Added CSS class/id, style, language assignment to markers.

- Support for alignment for paragraphs, tables, images.

- ':url' can now be appended to 'hn.', 'bq.', 'p.' to add a 'cite'
attribute using the specified URL.

- Stripped attributes from 'table' tag for Wiki-like markup.

1.1 - A number of regex updates.

- If emphasis, strong, etc. shorthand appears at the start of the line,
they are now handled properly.

- Hand-entered HTML entities are preserved for non-'pre' blocks (meaning
text that isn't in a 'pre' tag). This is different from 1.0, so please
take note. Standalone '&' characters will still be escaped.

- Additional TLDs were added to the URL regex.

- A paragraph tag is now used for the content of the 'bq.' marker.

- Nesting emphasis and strong formats should work better now.

- Added CSS class support for images.

- Added link support for images.

- Added image dimension support for images.

- Fixed a bug that was causing one of those 'internal server errors'.

1.0 - Initial release