0.006   2020-01-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium


        - Update doc (DZP:Test::Regexp::Pattern does not exist, or I
	  haven't written it; mention DZP:Regexp::Pattern instead which
	  includes the functionality).

	- Fix example in Synopsis [GH#3].


        - Use Hash::DefHash so we properly ignore ignorable
          properties/attributes [GH#4].

0.005   2020-01-02  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Generate anchored regex pattern if anchor=>1 in example.

0.004   2018-09-12  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Add missing runtime requires dependency to Regexp::Pattern
	  (not detected yet by lint-prereqs, the latter should be fixed)

0.003   2018-09-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Use re() to retrieve the patterns.

	- [dist] Bump prereq to Regexp::Pattern 0.2.7.

0.002   2018-09-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- Fix test-regexp-pattern.

	- [bugfix] Forgot to require Test::More.

0.001   2018-09-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - First release.