Revision history for Perl module Netscape::Bookmarks

2.304 2019-07-21T23:00:54Z
	* Abandon the module

2.303 2018-04-30T15:02:03Z
	* Now requires v5.10 because some prereqs require that.

2.302 2018-04-30T14:56:44Z
	* Clarify that it's the Artistic License 2.0.
	* Some fixes to hide extra things from PAUSE.

2.301 2016-01-13T19:01:07Z
	* Freshen up the module

2.02 - 2007-10-02
	* Fixed up many distro problems. No need to upgrade.

2.2_01 - 2002-09-23
	* added Mozilla support

2.1_03 - 2002-09-23
	* converted tests to Test::Builder
	* check a few values for definedness before using
	them ( thanks to Shayne )
    * start adding Mozilla support

2.1_02 - 2002-05-26
	* added a Visitor mechanism, and an introduce() function to

2.0_01 - 2002-01-05
	* lots of code changes to make things more clear for those that
	like to read the source ;)
	* fixed a trailing whitespace error for link description output
	* added a recurse() function that walks the tree and calls your
	provided subroutine
	* added a sort_elements() method to Category.  it has a default
	sort or you can provide your own.  make sure you read the docs
	on this one though!
	* improved some assessor methods to also set values if you provide
	an argument
	* added some example scripts for various tasks

1.5 - 2001-12-10
	* fixed numerous documentation errors
	* added a description() assessor method for Category.

1.3 - 2001-05-13
	* changed the Makefile to recurse into the other
	directories.  the supporting modules were not
	installing correctly in 1.2.  identified by
	Heinz Kirchmann <>

	* updated the POD in each module

1.2 - 2001-04-05
	* fixed disappearing link comment bug identified
	by Daniel Hottinger <>.

0.92 - 2001-01-24
	* minor doc fixes

0.91 - 1999-12-24
	* ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA! interfaces may still change!
	* original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	* this is the initial release.  the docs need a bit of
	work and there are a few features to add, but this does
	the stuff that i needed to do at the moment.
	* the next thing to do is come up with an internal
	representation that is portable - perhaps XML.  If all
	bookmark formats can be reduced to the same XML, then
	translation should be a cinch :)
	* there is also a URI::Bookmarks module, but it doesn't
	do aliases and separators.