Revision history for Perl extension Module::Pluggable::Ordered.

    - Mark Grimes <> submitted a cool new feature implementing
      the plugins_ordered() method. This allows plugins to be returned sorted
      from the plugins() method. Note that this is a numeric sort using the <=>
      operator. Possible future improvement: allowing a custom sort method. Not
      sure how this would work; all plugins would have to agree to be sorted
      this way, and the sort method would need to be passed by the code calling
      the plugins to be registered properly.
    - SVN had been broken for a long time. It's working again, albeit at a
      different URL (albeit albeit on the same machine and in the same physical
      location in the filesystem). You can snag the code from . 

    - Fixed some nasty bugs in the POD that cropped up in 1.3. DOH! Thanks to 
      Lars Thegler <> for bringing my attention to the fact that 
      1.3 was finally publically available on CPAN.
    - Import some patches which originated in the FreeBSD ports system which fix
      the module with old versions of Perl (for the most part; I don't want to
      remove "use warnings" for obvious reasons).
    - All publically released versions of Module-Pluggable-Ordered are now
      available via the SVN repository. Feel free to browse around via the web
      frontend. Tags are under the tags/ subdirectory, and include all public
      releases. As an aside, if anyone has version 0.01, I'd greatly appreciate
      being able to add it to the collection.

    - Now under maintainership by Christopher Nehren (note: previous revision
      history item written by Christopher Nehren).
    - The latest code is now available via an SVN repository located at
      http{,s}:// .
      Anonymous checkouts are allowed; write access will be granted based upon
      merit of submitted patches. Branches, tags (releases) and other items to

1.2   Sat Jul 17 2004
    - Added the package option.

1.1   Sun Jul 11 12:19:57 BST 2004
    - Patches from SW to make exclude and only work.

0.01  Wed May 19 16:40:41 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
	-AX -b 5.6.0 -n Module::Pluggable::Ordered