1.11 This is a distribution maintenance release. No new
     features or bugfixes were added, there is no need
     to update from version 1.10.

     There are two reasons for the changes: a new version
     of CPAN.pm and the CPANTS code quality checks.

     Adapted tests to run with CPAN.pm 1.90.

     Moved change log from README section "What's new" to
     this file.

     Added META.yaml.

     Added demos.

     Added POD test scripts: t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t.

     POD optimizations and fixes.

1.10 New options "resolveRelativePathes" and "resolveEnvVars"
     make it behave like the shell in resolving relative
     pathes (relative to the option file they are used in)
     and environment variables.

1.09 This version integrates several improvements suggested
     by Kathryn Andersen, provided as complete patches that
     were carefully prepared. Thanks!

     First, option "startupFilename" accepts *lists* now,
     both directly provided and supplied by a callback.
     For each startup directory, the list is searched for
     the name of an existing file. The first matching file
     gets processed.


         use Getopt::ArgvFile startupFilenames=>[qw(.rc .cfg)];

       searches for startup files named ".rc" and ".cfg"
       (in this order), using the first file available
       in each startup path.

     Second, a new option "fileOption" allows to declare
     an option usable instead of an option file *prefix*,
     intended to make option files more familiar to new


          use Getopt::ArgvFile fileOption=>'options';

       allows to specify an option file by

          ... -options file ...

       , which is a synonym for (the still valid)

          ... @file

     Nesting and cascading still work as before.


          ... -options -options file

       is a synonym for (the still valid)

          ... @@file


     Besides these patches, Test::More::eq_array() turned
     out to be buggy (in older versions of Test::More, at
     least), so tests now use the well working
     Test::More::is_deeply() function.
     Finally, the results of "startupFilename" callbacks
     were not checked yet. This is fixed.

1.08 In very rare circumstances, the one line processing
     via use() that was introduced with 1.07 could break
     older scripts written for 1.06 or before. These were
     the conditions:

      * The module was loaded by "use Getopt::ArgvFile",
        without import hints.

      * Therefore, &argvFile was not imported into the
        loaders namespace, so it had to be called via full
        name as "Getopt::ArgvFile::argvFile(...)".

      * The loader made use of cascading (was aware of
        multiple prefixes like in "@@optionfile", of which
        only the first level should be processed by the
        call of argvFile() and remaining hints should be
        passed through to another script).

     In such cases, option hints were processed *twice*
     unintentionally with 1.07, cause both "use" and the
     explicit call of argvFile() invoked this processing,
     which caused *two* level hints to be resolved instead
     of one.

     To adapt such scripts, 1.08 introduces a "justload"
     switch for "use":

       use Getopt::ArgvFile justload=>1;

     This loads the module, but suppresses further operations.

     Alternatively, one could remove the explicit call
     of Getopt::ArgvFile::argvFile() from affected scripts.


     More tests added.

1.07 Bugfix: a missing HOME environment variable was not
     handled correctly in all cases, causing error messages.
     Thanks to Matthew Brett for the bug report.


     It is now possible to process option files while
     the module is loaded.

     Before, a typical use looked like this:

      use Getopt::ArgvFile qw(argvFile);

     While this is still possible and valid, it can be
     reduced to one line now:

      use Getopt::ArgvFile default=>1;

     Just pass the parameters of argvFile() to use().
     Thanks to johanl AT darsermann.com for the

1.06 argvFile() takes a new option "startupFilename"
     to let users specify what scheme should be used
     to find startup files (thanks to Helmut Steinbach
     for the initial idea). Names may be specified
     directly or by a reference to a function which
     will then be invoked with the scriptname to
     provide the filename dynamically.

1.05 Using File::Spec::Functions to build filenames
     more portable.

     Using Cwd::abs_path() now to check if several
     startup file locations are identical.

     Added support for startup files in the *current*
     directory (thanks to Helmut Steinbach for this

     Switched to Test::More (for installation checks).

1.04 fixed a bug: if the script directory was identical
     to the users home and both default and home setting
     were used, the default options were read twice
     (thanks to Manfred Kuegler for the report).

1.03 introduced new parameter "prefix".
     POD comments in option files are supported now
     (according to an idea of Joe Pepin).

1.02 introduced new parameter "array".

1.01 came with an updated README to reflect that the
     required module Text::ParseWords 3.1 is available
     on CPAN now.