Revision history for Config-JSON
1.5202 2014-12-25
 - Fix: Moo does not import Carp it would seem - Joel Berger

1.5201 2014-12-25
 - Forgot to update the prereqs to move to Moo.

1.5200 2014-12-25
 - Switched from Any::Moose to Moo at the behest of Joel Berger.

1.5100 2010-12-09
 - Swtiched to Any::Moose so that it runs faster if used in a command line app.
 - Now requires Any::Moose.
 - No longer requires Moose.
 - Added test for possible interaction problem with Data::GUID reported by David Delikat.

1.5000 2009-12-19
 - Converted Config::JSON to use Moose.
 - Removed requirements for version and Class::InsideOut.
 - Swiched to Dist::Zilla to build this package.
 - Removed authors.t since I never use them anyway.

    Fixed resetting permissions of file on write
    Fixed another bug that could lead to erasing the config file.
    Add addToArrayAfter and addToArrayBefore methods to more easily insert items into lists.
    Added support for slashes in keys via escaping.

1.3.1   Mon Dec 8 14:00:00 2008
    fix: #41525 Cleaning up temporary directory 
    Throws a better error message when trying to access an element of an array using a multi-level directive.
    Writes config file directives in alphabetical order for easier human reading.
    Better handling of UTF-8 data in the config file.
    Better version numbers on prereqs.

1.3.0   Tue Oct 28 23:00:00 2008
    Rewrote includes to be much cleaner.
    Fixed a bug where a full disk could cause Config::JSON to destroy the config file.

1.2.1   Sat Oct 18 16:58:19 EDT 2008
    Fixed version number.

1.2.0   Fri Oct 17 10:14:02 EDT 2008
    Patch from Christopher Nehren to enable configuration file includes as in Apache.

1.1.4   Fri Jan 23 16:20:00 2008
    Patch from Doug Bell that uses better slurping action, and fixes a problem with killing config files on set() errors.
    Switched to using blib instead of relative lib path for tests.

1.1.3   Fri Jan 23 15:00:00 2008
    fix: Copyright was mistakenly assigned to me rather than Plain Black in the Readme

1.1.2   Thu Jan 23 23:00:00 2008
    fix: #27078: predictable filename in /tmp
    fix: #29122: Dependency declaration on Test::Deep missing
    fix: #32633: Config::JSON 1.1.1 doesn't work with JSON 2.x (thanks to Ernesto Hernández-Novich for patch)

1.1.1   Fri Aug 17 11:00:00 2007
    Removed requirements for author related tests. Should make it easier to install for the average user.

1.1.0   Wed Aug 08 20:00:00 2007
    Added direct access multi-level directive support.
    Now is an Inside Out object per Perl Best Practices.
    API CHANGE: getFilename() does what you expect now, and getFilePath() returns the path and filename of the config.
    Fixed qv/qw version number problem.

1.0.3   Thu Mar 05 09:29:00 2007
	Sorting out more CPAN issues. No code changes. (Sorry, this is the first module I've released to CPAN, and there seems to be more that happens after upload
	than I know how to test from the command line.)

1.0.2   Thu Mar 01 11:33:00 2007
	Sorting out more CPAN issues. No code changes.

1.0.1	Tue Feb 27 20:10:00 2007
	Sorting out CPAN issues. No code changes.

1.0.0  	Mon Feb 26 15:06:38 2007
    Initial public release. Has been used in production environments for more than a year.