Revision history for Perl extension Class::Container:

0.13  Thu Nov  2 23:53:03 CDT 2017

 - Fix tests failing on Perl 5.26 w/o '.' in @INC [Kent Fredric]

 - A bit of Perl::Critic compliance

 - Convert to Dist::Zilla

 - Convert to git

0.12  Sun Jan 23 21:02:35 CST 2005

 - Fixed a bug in the container() method, which was only returning
   valid results for delayed objects, not auto-created ones. [Spotted
   by Sebastian Willert]

0.11  Wed Mar  3 21:34:51 CST 2004

 - Fixed a bug in the code that detects whether Scalar::Util is
   loadable. [Spotted by Michael Alan Dorman]

0.10  Thu Mar  6 16:06:47 CST 2003

 - The dump_parameters() method will now output the default values (if
   any) of parameters that haven't been explicitly set.

0.09  Mon Feb 10 13:12:40 CST 2003

 - Use Carp::croak() instead of die() in most places when throwing a
   fatal error.

 - Fixed a problem in dump_parameters() in which attributes from
   superclasses weren't getting dumped.

 - The valid_params() method now always returns a hashref, possibly
   empty (when initialization hasn't happened yet), instead of
   sometimes returning undef.

 - Added experimental support for "decorator" classes, via the
   decorates() method.

 - Fixed the credits in the AUTHOR section to better reflect reality.

 - Added a Module::Build-style Build.PL script for installation.

0.08  Thu Aug 29 17:11:20 EST 2002

 - Added the dump_parameters() method, which returns a hash reference
   containing a set of parameters that should be sufficient to
   re-create the given object using its class's C<new()> method (under
   normal/simple circumstances).

0.07  Tue Jul 23 00:34:34 PDT 2002

 - Fix a bug in passing contained objects rather than using the
   defaultly created one. [found by Ilya Martynov <>]

 - Calling container() when Scalar::Util is not installed now triggers
   a fatal error instead of returning undef

 - Get rid off the %ALLOWED_CACHE memoization, since it wasn't working
   properly.  It could be done, but not as easily, so maybe it's a
   future project. [consistent prodding by Dave Rolsky]

 - Replace guts of get_contained_object_spec() and validation_spec()
   with an _iterate_ISA() internal method.  This fixes a bug in
   validation_spec() in which subclasses weren't overriding superclass

 - Make valid_params() a standard get/set accessor method.

 - Document that valid_params() should only be called as a class
   method, not object method.

 - Improve the output of the show_containers() method.

 - Calling contained_objects() twice on the same package wasn't
   properly clearing previous entries.

0.06  Wed Jul 17 17:06:10 EST 2002

 - Memoize the get_contained_object_spec(), validation_spec(), and
   allowed_params() methods.  This can give a big speed boost when
   methods are called repeatedly, for example when using factory
   methods.  All memoization caches are cleared when valid_params() or
   contained_objects() is called.  The only known pitfall in the
   caching is that a class that dynamically changes its @ISA will
   probably mess things up.  Idea by Dave Rolsky.

 - Use 'scalar validate_with()' inside new(), which may be faster.
   Idea by Dave Rolsky.

 - short-circuit create_contained_objects() if there are no contained
   objects to create.  Idea by Dave Rolsky.

 - return a reference from create_contained_objects() rather than a
   list of key/value pairs.  This lets us pass it directly to validation

 - Use the qr// format for regexes in the all_specs() method.

 - Improve the docs for allowed_params() - it's a class method (not an
   instance method), and it accepts a list of arguments that can
   affect the return value.

 - Don't copy as many hashes internally.  Pass by reference.

 - Fixed some POD formatting problems.

 - Now requires Params::Validate version 0.23

0.05  Thu Jun 27 16:53:41 EST 2002

 - Fixed a problem in create_contained_objects() in which a 'foo_class'
   parameter wouldn't get properly passsed to all the contained objects
   that needed to see it.

 - Added a documentation section "Scenario" explaining the main benefits
   of using the module.

 - Improved the output of show_containers(), notably the names of
   delayed classes

 - Merge $self->{container}{delayed} into $self->{container}{contained},
   with a 'delayed' property.  This allows simplification of the rest of
   the code in several places, notably the show_containers() routine.

 - Simplify show_containers() a little, and make it more accurate on
   contained objects' classes

 - Fixed a doc error in the first example

 - Added a bit in the first doc paragraph, saying that any of the
   Mason objects can be replaced by a subclass.

 - Added an internal comment about the strategy inside the
   allowed_params method.

 - Simplified the allowed_params method internally.

 - Got rid of special-casing to check for circular containment
   relationships.  This seemed to have been added for HTML::Mason, but
   all Mason tests (as well as all Class::Container tests) still pass
   when I remove it.

0.04  Wed Jun 26 19:15:26 EST 2002

 - Add the show_containers() method, which should be a godsend during

 - Convert contained_objects() string specs to hashes upon input, rather
   than checking them every time they're used later in the code.

 - Change " if (%args)" to " if (keys %args)", which is more officially
   correct (though both would work in this particular case).

0.03  Fri Jun 21 17:44:37 EST 2002

 - Subclasses can now override contained_objects settings of their
   superclass (previously it was backwards).

 - Let call_method() accept arbitrary additional parameters, don't
   force them into a hash.

 - Added contained_class() method.

 - Use new contained_class() method inside call_method().

 - delayed_object_class() shouldn't be settable, it'll mess up the
   parameters accepted.

 - The 'container' parameter shouldn't be shared among containers the way
   other parameters are.

 - Made create_delayed_object() a little more efficient by not shifting
   things off @_ - just pass @_ to the next new() method.

 - Don't check for $contained_class->can('allowed_params'), check for

 - Clarified a few error messages.

 - Clarified documentation and removed a couple of doc errors.

0.02  Wed Jun 19 10:52:48 AEST 2002
 - Made Scalar::Util a little more optional - the container() method
   is just a no-op if it's not around.

 - Use Params::Validate 0.18 new validate_with() method to set a
   meaningful subroutine name in error messages

 - Added the delayed_object_class() method

 - Documented how delayed objects are declared and created [Dave

 - Added some tests for the above stuff

 - Various documentation spruce-ups

0.01_05  Fri May 10 15:29:46 AEST 2002
 - If a container has two contained classes that both need to see a
   parameter of the same name, it will now be passed to both.  Previously
   it was passed to one of them, randomly.

 - Added 2 tests for the above.

 - Added 4 tests to make sure class names can be properly overridden.

 - Got rid of _make_contained_object() method.

 - Changed the (undocumented) get_contained_objects() method to

 - Added the container() method, to get a reference to the thingy that
   created you.  Uses weak references if Scalar::Util is available.

 - Consolidated all Container metadata in $self->{container} (subject to
   change to {_container} or something).

 - Added call_method() method.

0.01  Wed Mar 20 19:33:40 2002
 - original version, based on HTML::Mason::Container