Revision history for Perl module Brick

0.901 2021-01-15T07:33:03Z
	* Freshen distro, remove Travis CI, add Github actions
	* Remove t/prereq.t test

0.228 2018-05-14T12:42:32Z
	* Clarify that it's the Artistic License 2.0
	* Bump to user release

0.220 - 2007-03-26
	* made __and, __or, __none aliases for composers

0.227_01 - 2014-09-10
	* Fix up the use_case/phone_number.t test which had a bad input

0.227 - 2014-09-09
	* Update for 8 years later, with modern cleanups

0.226 - 2007-05-29
	* Added is_clamav_clean to Brick::File

0.226 - 2007-05-25
	* Added is_mime_test to Brick::Files. Check that a file is a particular
	* Brick now requires 5.8 because I don't want to fix the FAILs from

0.225 - 2007-05-16
	* fix to Brick::Profile to allow subclassing. For the quick
	prototyping I had some __PACKAGE__s laying around, and those
	are now gone since the interface has evolved.

0.224 - 2007-05-10
	* check for handler key before using it

0.24 - 2007-05-09
	* Added a Brick::Result::Item class to provide methods to query
	the results
	* Programming errors caught by eval are now full-fledged errors,
	instead of silently ignoring. You can ask the result item if the
	error is a validation or programming error.
	* There are some broken composer things now that I've made these
	changes, but I'm working on those.

0.223 - 2007-05-01
	* croak if we can't find a validator package, instead of just croaking

0.222 - 2007-04-17
	* The validation profile stuff now lives in it's own module,
	Brick::Profile. The methods that work on the profile (lint,
	explain) aren't in the Brick class anymore, so you need to
	either call them on a Profile object or use the Profile
	class name ( probably $brick->profile_class->lint( ... )
	* lint() still just takes an Array of Arrays because you
	can't make a Profile object without passing lint. explain()
	still works with an object or an array.

0.221 - 2007-03-26

0.220 - 2007-03-25
	* Added a feature to set field labels and allow bricks to access
	* Added the start of a module for bricks to deal with Files

0.2195 - 2007-03-15
	Added Brick::Result to handle methods to transform and format the
	data structure that comes back from apply()
	* Cleansed many tests to capture intentionally triggered warnings

0.2193 - 2007-03-14
	* Trying out some ways to extract the interesting error messages
	* Added failed_field and failed_value to die() hashes
	* Check out ./t/use_cases/top-level-errors.t for interface options
	for reporting errors.

0.2191 - 2007-03-06
	* Updated docs

0.2183 - 2007-02-27
	* The first CPAN release. Not much to say yet, but its easier for
	clients to grab this off CPAN than off Subversion.
	* This is alpha-software. Don't use it for anything because its
	going to change.
	* Read that last one again.
	* No, I really mean it. :)