=head1 NAME

Web::Simple::Deployment - various deployment options


This file documents common deployment methods for Web::Simple. If you feel one
is missing, please ask in the IRC channel and we'll work with you to add it.

=head1 CGI

The most basic deployment option is as a CGI script loading and running your

  #!/usr/bin/env perl

  use Your::Web::Simple::App;

Save that as script.cgi and your web server will handle it correctly.

=head1 Plack-Server

This works in with exactly the same code as CGI deployment. However instead of
letting your web server load script.cgi, you run this on the command line:

  plackup script.cgi

=head2 Self-contained CGI

Sometimes your app is so small that you have only one or two tiny classes that
you want to run as a CGI script. Web::Simple offers a helpful mechanism to
achieve that.

  #!/usr/bin/env perl

  use Web::Simple 'HelloWorld';   # enables strictures and warnings for the file
                                  # additionally, HelloWorld is upgraded to a
                                  # Web::Simple application
    package HelloWorld;

    sub dispatch_request {
      sub (GET) {
          [ 'Content-type', 'text/plain' ],
          [ 'Hello world! It is a fine ' . HelloWorld::Helper->day ]
      sub () {
        [ 405, [ 'Content-type', 'text/plain' ], [ 'Method not allowed' ] ]

    package HelloWorld::Helper;

    use DateTime;

    sub day {
      return DateTime->now->day_name;


=head1 AUTHORS

See L<Web::Simple> for authors.


See L<Web::Simple> for the copyright and license.