• - Delete Tests from a GDR Unit Test file.
  • - Disable/Enable Test Conditions in a GDR Unit Test file.
  • - Dump Out the SQL for the Tests in a GDR Unit Test file.
  • - Creates GDR test files from test sql scripts. This version creates no test conditions for anything other than the main test file. All files, other than the main test files are fixed, are the same for each generated test. Test is run tw2ce to generate tests only for stable values. (Dates are still a problem.)
  • - Merge multiple GDR test files into one combined file.
  • - Replace the embedded SQL for a Test in a GDR Unit Test file.
  • - Reports on Test and Test Conditions within a GDR Unit Test file.
  • - Runs GDR test files. Runs multiple input files, mixes vb and cs sources, can run setup and teardown once per run, once per test file or for each test.
  • - Splits GDR test files. Splits out each test in a GDR .vb or .cs test file into a separate .cs or .vb file, each with a corresponding .resx file. The files are named after the corresponding tests. The output file name is a dummy parameter, used to determine the source code type of the output file, and the prefix applied to each file name.
  • - Translates GDR test from one .Net language to another. Alternative formats supported include XML and Excel. The file type is determined from the file suffix. Currently supported types are .cs, .vb, .xml, and .xls.


  • VSGDR::UnitTest::TestSet - Sealed class for Microsoft Visual Studio Database Edition UnitTest Utility Suite by Ded MedVed