package UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Like;

use strict;
use warnings;
use UR;
our $VERSION = "0.47"; # UR $VERSION;

    class_name  => __PACKAGE__, 
    is => ['UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison'],

sub _compare {
    my ($class,$comparison_value,@property_value) = @_;
    return '' unless defined ($comparison_value);  # property like NULL should always be false
    my $escape = '\\';    
    my $regex = $class->
    no warnings 'uninitialized';
    foreach my $value ( @property_value ) {
        return 1 if $value =~ $regex;
    return '';



=head1 NAME 

UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Like - perform an SQL-ish like test


The input test value is assumed to be an SQL 'like' value, where '_'
represents a one character wildcard, and '%' means a 0 or more character
wildcard.  It gets converted to a perl regular expression and used to match
against an object's properties.

If the property returns multiple values, this comparison returns true if any of the values