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Recepies for getting things working
Overview of the metadata classes in UR
UR from Ten Thousand Feet
Slides for a presenation on UR
Step-by-step guide to building a set of classes for a simple database schema
Command line tool to manage metadata within a namespace
Environment variables that control UR behavior
Short list of UR's documentation
Recepies for getting things working
Overview of the metadata classes in UR
UR from Ten Thousand Feet
Slides for a presenation on UR
Step-by-step guide to building a set of classes for a simple database schema
command-line tools for UR objects and apps


Run-time load a class the first time you call a method in it. UNAUTHORIZED
Base class for modules implementing the Command Pattern
rich declarative transactional objects
a "where clause" for objects
an UR::BoolExpr minus specific values
A rule which is true if all the underlying conditions are true
A rule made up of other rules
A rule which is true if any of the underlying conditions are true
implements logic for rules with a logic_type of "PropertyComparison"
Perform a greater than or equal test
Perform a Perl regular expression match
Perform a negated In comparison
Perform a negated SQL-ish like test
Non-OO module to collect utility functions used by the BoolExpr modules
Manage the current state of the application
The base context used when no special base context is specified
Impliments a generic interface to the current application.
API for software transactions
methods for interacting with a database.
subclass of DBIx::ContextualFetch which uses UR::DBI subclasses
A logical source of data, such as a database.
Parent class for data sources using DBD::CSV
Parent class for file-based data sources
Parent class for datasources which can multiplex many files together
Data source for the MetaDB
MySQL specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS
Oracle specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS
PostgreSQL specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS
Abstract base class for RDBMS-type data sources
Metadata about a data source's bitmap indexes
Parent class for all MetaDB-sourced classes
Metadata about a data source's foreign keys
Metadata about a data source's foreign keys
logged changes in DDL
Metadata about a data source's primary keys
Object-oriented class for RDBMS table objects.
Viewer class for RDBMS table objects
Metadata about a data source's table's columns
Viewer class for RDBMS column objects
Metadata about a data source's unique constraints
base class for datasources using the SQLite3 RDBMS
Controls for debugging behavior
Represents an instance of a no-longer-existent object
methods to allow clean application exits.
Error, status, and warning messaging for derived packages
manage dynamic configuration of modules.
UR hooks into Class::Autouse
Manage collections of packages and classes
Top-level Command module for the UR namespace commands
Viewer class for metadata via the browser namespace command
transactional, queryable, process-independent entities
Base class for fetching objects and then performing a function on/with them.
Fetches and lists objects in different styles.
Abstract class for representing deleted objects not yet committed
Indexing system for retrieving objects by non-id properties
Viewer class for inheritance objects in an Umlet diagram
API for iterating through objects matching a rule
Class representing metadata about a class property
Viewer class for UR::Object::Property
Viewer class for UR::Object::Property
Metadata about one class referring to another
Metadata about the properties that link one class to another
Viewer class for References in an Umlet diagram
Transitory attribute tags for a UR::Object at a given time.
a meta-class for any class or primitive type
Helper module for UR::Object::Type responsible for creating accessors for properties
Implements a calculation accessor which sums the values of its properties
Class definition syntax
Helper module for UR::Object::Type responsible for writing Perl modules
Viewer class for class metaobjects
Viewer class for class metaobjects
Base class for entities diagrammed by Umlet
An operation which can be performed by an application user on an object or objects of a given class.
a base class for viewer/editors of UR::Object
a base class for a viewer which renders a particular aspect of its subject
Gtk adaptor for object viewers
Gtk2 adaptor for object viewers
Text adaptor for object viewers
Declaration of Gtk as a Viewer toolkit type
Declaration of Gtk2 as a Viewer toolkit type
Declaration of Text as a Viewer toolkit type
Declaration of Umlet as a Viewer toolkit type
restores changes removed in UR version 0.01
restores changes removed in UR version 0.04
bind callbacks to object changes
a database report interface
A self-contained JSON-RPC server for UR namespaces
Base class for modules implementing RPC executers
Serializable object appropriate for sending RPC messages
Class for implementing RPC servers
Abstract class for implementing singleton objects
a few useful time-related functions.
Collection of utility subroutines and methods
auto "use lib" when a module is in the tree of the PWD


in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Window.pm
in lib/Devel/callcount.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Run.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in lib/UR/Change.pm
in lib/UR/Context/Root.pm
in lib/UR/DBI.pm
in lib/UR/DBI.pm
in lib/UR/DBIx/ContextualFetch.pm
in lib/UR/DBIx/ContextualFetch.pm
in lib/UR/DataSource/Code.pm
in lib/UR/DataSource/RemoteCache.pm
in lib/UR/DataSource/ValueDomain.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_CONTEXT_BASE.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_USED_LIBS.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_CONTEXT_ROOT.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_DBI_NO_COMMIT.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_IGNORE.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_MOOSE.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_TEST_FILLDB.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_TEST_QUIET.pm
in lib/UR/Env/UR_USED_MODS.pm
in lib/UR/ModuleBase.pm
in lib/UR/Moose.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Browser.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Class.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/File.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/Mysql.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/Oracle.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/Pg.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/Rdbms.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/RdbmsWithAuth.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Datasource/Sqlite.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Define/Namespace.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Describe.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Diff.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Diff/Rewrite.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Diff/Update.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Export.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Export/DbicClasses.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Info.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/List.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/List/Classes.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/List/Modules.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/List/Objects.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Redescribe.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Rename.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Rename/Class.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Rewrite.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/RunsOnModulesInTree.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Callcount.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Callcount/List.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Compile.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Eval.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/TrackObjectRelease.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Use.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/Window.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Update.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Update/ClassDiagram.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Update/Classes.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Update/SchemaDiagram.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Viewer/SchemaBrowser/CgiApp/Base.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Viewer/SchemaBrowser/CgiApp/Class.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Viewer/SchemaBrowser/CgiApp/File.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Viewer/SchemaBrowser/CgiApp/Index.pm
in lib/UR/Namespace/Viewer/SchemaBrowser/CgiApp/Schema.pm
in lib/UR/ObjectDeprecated.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Accessorized.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Inheritance.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Property/Compressable.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Property/ID.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Property/Unique.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Set.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/AccessorWriter.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/DBICModuleWriter.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/Initializer.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/InternalAPI.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/ModuleWriter.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/DBICModuleWriter.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Class/Viewer/Default/Text.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Class/Viewer/Default/Umlet.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Umlet/Class.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Umlet/Diagram.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Umlet/Other.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Umlet/PictureElement.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Umlet/Relation.pm
in lib/UR/Service/DataSourceProxy.pm
in lib/UR/Service/RPC/TcpConnectionListener.pm
in lib/UR/Test.pm
in lib/UR/Value.pm
in lib/UR/Value/ARRAY.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Blob.pm
in lib/UR/Value/CSV.pm
in lib/UR/Value/DateTime.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Decimal.pm
in lib/UR/Value/DirectoryPath.pm
in lib/UR/Value/FOF.pm
in lib/UR/Value/FilePath.pm
in lib/UR/Value/FilesystemPath.pm
in lib/UR/Value/HASH.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Integer.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Iterator.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Number.pm
in lib/UR/Value/PerlReference.pm
in lib/UR/Value/SCALAR.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Set.pm
in lib/UR/Value/Text.pm
in lib/UR/Value/URL.pm
in lib/UR/Vocabulary.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Command/List.pm
in lib/UR/Object/Type/Initializer.pm