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=head1 NAME

Protocol::IMAP::Server - server support for the Internet Message Access Protocol.

=head1 VERSION

version 0.004


 package Example::IMAP::Server;
 use parent qw{Protocol::IMAP::Server};

 package main;



The L<Protocol::IMAP> classes only provides the framework for handling IMAP data. Typically you would need to subclass these to get a usable IMAP implementation.

The following methods are required:

=over 4

=item * write - called at various points to send data back across to the other side of the IMAP connection


and just about anything relating to the storage and handling of messages.

=head2 new

=head2 read_command

Read a command from a single line input from the client.

If this is a supported command, calls the relevant request_XXX method with the following data as a hash:

=over 4

=item * tag - IMAP tag information for this command, used for the final response from the server

=item * command - actual command requested

=item * param - any additional parameters passed after the command


=head2 request_capability

Request a list of all capabilities provided by the server.

These will be returned in a single untagged response, followed by the usual status response.

Note that the capabilities may vary depending on the state of the connection - for example, before STARTTLS negotiation
all login types may be disabled via LOGINDISABLED capability.

=head2 request_starttls

Instructs the client to begin STARTTLS negotiation.

All implementations should provide this.

=head2 request_authenticate

Requests SASL authentication. Didn't need it, haven't written it yet.

=head2 is_authenticated

Returns true if we are authenticated, false if not.

=head2 request_login

Process a login request - this will be delegated to the subclass L<validate_user> method.

=head2 request_logout

Process a logout request.

=head2 request_noop

Handle a NOOP, which leaves state unchanged other than resetting any timers (as handled by the L<read_command> method).

=head2 request_select

Select a mailbox.

=head2 C<send_mailbox_info>

Return untagged information about the selected mailbox.

=head2 request_examine

Select a mailbox, in readonly mode.

=head2 request_create

Create a new mailbox.

=head2 request_delete

Delete a given mailbox.

=head2 request_rename

Request renaming a mailbox to something else.

=head2 request_subscribe

Ask to subscribe to a mailbox.

=head2 request_unsubscribe

Ask to unsubscribe from a mailbox.

=head2 request_list

List mailboxes matching a specification.

=head2 request_lsub

List subscriptions matching a spec - see L<request_list> for more details on how this is implemented.

=head2 on_multi_line

Called when we have multi-line data (fixed size in characters).

=head2 on_single_line

Called when there's more data to process for a single-line (standard mode) response.

=head2 configure

Set up any callbacks that were available.

=head2 add_capability

Add a new capability to the reported list.

=head2 validate_user

Validate the given user and password information, returning true if they have logged in successfully
and false if they are invalid.

=head2 select_mailbox

Selects the given mailbox.

Expects a hashref indicating mailbox information, e.g.:

 my $mailbox = {
 	name => $args{mailbox},
 	exists => 17,
 	recent => 2,
 return $mailbox;

=head2 create_mailbox

Creates the given mailbox on the server.

=head2 delete_mailbox

Deletes the given mailbox.

=head2 rename_mailbox

Renames the given mailbox.

=head2 subscribe_mailbox

Adds the given mailbox to the active subscription list.

=head2 unsubscribe_mailbox

Removes the given mailbox from the current user's subscription list.

=head2 list_mailbox

List mailbox information given a search spec.

=head2 list_subscription

List subscriptions given a search spec.


=over 4

=item L<Protocol::IMAP>

L<Authenticated|Protocol::IMAP/Authenticated>, L<ConnectionClosed|Protocol::IMAP/ConnectionClosed>, L<ConnectionEstablished|Protocol::IMAP/ConnectionEstablished>, L<Logout|Protocol::IMAP/Logout>, L<NotAuthenticated|Protocol::IMAP/NotAuthenticated>, L<STATE_HANDLERS|Protocol::IMAP/STATE_HANDLERS>, L<Selected|Protocol::IMAP/Selected>, L<ServerGreeting|Protocol::IMAP/ServerGreeting>, L<debug|Protocol::IMAP/debug>, L<in_state|Protocol::IMAP/in_state>, L<state|Protocol::IMAP/state>, L<state_id|Protocol::IMAP/state_id>, L<write|Protocol::IMAP/write>

=item L<Mixin::Event::Dispatch>

L<add_handler_for_event|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/add_handler_for_event>, L<clear_event_handlers|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/clear_event_handlers>, L<event_handlers|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/event_handlers>, L<invoke_event|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/invoke_event>, L<subscribe_to_event|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/subscribe_to_event>, L<unsubscribe_from_event|Mixin::Event::Dispatch/unsubscribe_from_event>