package Number::Phone::UK::IM;

use strict;

use base 'Number::Phone::UK';

our $VERSION = 1.0;

=head1 NAME

Number::Phone::UK::IM - IM-specific methods for Number::Phone


This class implements IM-specific methods for Number::Phone.  It is
a subclass of Number::Phone::UK, which is in turn a subclass of
Number::Phone.  Number::Phone::UK sits in the middle because IM is
treated as part of the UK for just about all telephonic purposes.
You should
never need to C<use> this module directly, as C<Number::Phone::UK>
will load it automatically when needed.


    use Number::Phone::UK
    my $phone_number = Number::Phone->new('+44 1624 654321');
    # returns a Number::Phone::UK::IM object
=head1 METHODS

The following methods from Number::Phone::UK are overridden:

=over 4

=item regulator

Returns information about the national telecomms regulator.


sub regulator { return 'Isle of Man Communications Commission,'; }



Please report bugs at L<>, including, if possible, a test case.             

I welcome feedback from users.

=head1 LICENCE

You may use, modify and distribute this software under the same terms as
perl itself.

=head1 AUTHOR

David Cantrell E<lt><gt>

Copyright 2011